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Putting on a show

Putting on a show at BATS is a pretty sweet deal.

We spend more supporting our shows than we make back with our low venue fees. That’s alright by us though, we exist to support emerging artists and showcase new NZ performance!

Want to put on a show at BATS? Here are some of the most important things to know: 

1. BATS has an open pitching policy.

We often focus on new and emerging artists, but we’re keen to hear from anyone with a bold and exciting performance idea. We programme our shows three to six months in advance.

2. We’re not your typical venue for hire.

BATS provides ticketing, marketing, technical support, and all the good stuff that comes with presenting your show in a professionally run theatre venue. 

3. We’ll support you to present your show at BATS.

We don’t create the shows that are on here; that bit is up to you and your team!

4. BATS is committed to presenting at least 80% New Zealand work.

If you’d like to pitch a work that was not written or created in Aotearoa, let us know why it should get a slot at BATS over a local work.

5. One of BATS founding aims is to keep theatre affordable.

This means our ticket prices range from $14 to $25 maximum. However, our artists get to keep the majority of Box Office income.

6. Our spaces are intimate.

The Random Stage is the largest with 85 seats. Have a read of our venue information to work out which space you want to pitch for.

7. All space at BATS is shared space.

We do take pitches for sole-use seasons but chances are you’ll be sharing your performance and backstage spaces with at least one other show.

8. We programme seasons of work.

These range from two or three nights to ten or twelve nights. For one-off events, you’re probably better to look into a venue hire.

Any questions?

You’re more than welcome to chat with our Programmer, Alesha, before pitching.

Their email is [email protected]